US Air Force says, ‘Please keep your Bibles Out!”

gideon-bible‘Get your Bibles out” that’s how Gideon’s volunteers were showed the way to the gate by the Maxwell Air Force Base.

The Alabama based US Air Force Base Maxwell Air Force, for more than a decade has been receiving Bibles from Gideons International, a free Bible distribution organization. The Air Force used to personally distribute pocket-sized Bibles to new recruits.

Michael Fredenhurg, a Gideon volunteer used to distribute Bibles to new recruits four days in a week along with his group. After the recruits finish the joining formalities, they meet Gideon volunteers who shake hands and offer a pocket-sized Bible.  The Gideon volunteers were offered military identification cards and were allowed to store Bibles on their base.

This practice had started through Fredenhurg’s father by giving Bibles to recruits at the Military Entrance Processing Command center a decade ago.
But last week the Gideon’s were inn for a shock. They received official orders stating that they no longer can distribute the Bibles, no longer can they enter the premises but just keep the ‘literature’ within the facility.

The base stated that its because of their policy which restricts non-federal entities to post or station a member within the permises of any MEPCS including outdoor areas under the control of MEPCS.
A believer on hearing this said, “Though the nation was built by leaders who stood on God’s word and their currency states ‘In God We Trust”, in reality, the nation no longer needs the Bible nor does it value Gods word. Its high time the country remembers the God who made them a super power or else it would soon be no longer one”.