402 Year old Bible to be read during Christmas

The Church of North India in Surat has planned to read the 402 year old bible during Christmas this year.

The Holy Book weighs a massive 15kgs and is 17 inch tall. The Bible is still intact in its original binding which is of leather and has over 1000 pages. The bible is a 1611 Roman Catholic King James authorized version and has all the chapters from Genesis to Malakhan.

The CNI church also holds a 300 year old Bible (KJV 1716) weighing 8 kgs. These Bibles were brought to India during the British rule and then preserved by the Church.

The 2006 Surat flood unfortunately washed away all the historical books in the Andrew Library which is near the CNI Church at Chowk. However, these Bibles were safe from the flood.