Pakistan Christian Couple Given Death Sentence

A Christian couple in Pakistan have been given death sentence after an imam alleged they had sent a text message insulting the Prophet Mohammed.

The defence lawyer for the couple said the text has originated from a cellphone, which they had lost before the incident.

The couple hail from the town of Gojra and their three children would become orphans after Pakistan executes the sentence.

The prayer leader of a local mosque in Gojra, Maulvi Mohammed Hussain had lodged the complaint against the young couple. He had mentioned that the husband had sent the message from his wife’s phone.

Since Pakistan has extreme laws against anyone who defames Islam or insults the Prophet Mohammed, personal disputes are usually falsified to religious charges against minority Christians .

Last month, on March 27th, Sawan Masih and his Muslim friend were found to be converting to Christianity and a death sentence was given to Sawan Masih saying he insulted the Prophet Muhammad.

Out of the 180+ million population, 97% are Muslims so minority voices or rights are seldom heard.