Israel to provide security for Rio Olympics and Paralympics

Rio Olympics Stadium

More than 30 Israeli companies have joined together in providing the best of security to Rio Olympics. Not just that, 10,000 police and soldiers officers have also been trained by Israel International Security

Brazilian Defense Minister Raul Jungmann made an announcement that Eros-B satellite will be used to inspect security of the city during the sporting events to be held in August and September.

Jungmann mentioned, “This is an Israeli satellite at a low Earth orbit altitude capable of capturing high-resolution images of up to 50 centimeters [1.5 feet] in an area of 450 kilometers [31 miles], thus enabling the identification of objects, people, cars and goods”

Rio Olympics Stadium

An Israeli company has also been charged to co-ordinate security for Rio Olympics. Tomer Fulman, who is the chief executive of International Security & Defense Systems (ISDS) said, “We know we have done everything,”. He also explained his firm has been using technology from 30 other Israeli companies.

Brazil seems to have turned to Israel on the raise of global terrorism and the concerns of security at a global event like Olympics. What other nation to get assistance from than Israel who  experience terrorism on a daily basis and the only country on earth who have succeeded in handling terrorism. Even though Israel as a nation is surrounded by countries which mostly consider Israel as an enemy and actively support and fund terrorism against it, Israel has flourished in recent years and has been an example in various fields right from recyclable energy & research to science and technology.

Fulman also mentioned on the risk of terrorism that, “There are very large forces that know how to operate, and have the training for it. Most of the emphasis is on prevention. You don’t need a mega terror attack to miss out on the amazing atmosphere of this event: it’s enough to disrupt the opening ceremony, so we’re involved in everything, including security at airports, seaports, and critical infrastructure.”