Archaeologists Discover 3000 Year Old Jar Naming Person from King David Era

Mideast Israel Ancient InscriptionArchaeologists discovered a large 3,000 year old jar made of ceramic with the name “Eshbaal Ben Beda”. Eshbaal was the son of King Saul who was the first King of Israel.
This discovery is significant and rare as only four inscriptions have been discovered from the 10th century when David was reigning as the second king in the Kingdom of Judah.
Saar Ganor, director of excavation at Khirbet Qeiyafa says, “We have found hundreds of jars in big cities across what was the Kingdom of Judah. This is the only one to have an inscription. For the jar to bear this man’s name, it suggests he was someone very special and important. Writing from this period is extremely rare.”