Christian Couple Burned Alive in Pakistan

Two couples Shama and Shehzad were thrashed brutally and then burned alive in front of an angry mob in the province of Punjab in Pakistan.

The brutal incident took place in a town called Kot Radha Kishan which is about 60 kilometres southwest of the city of Lahore in Pakistan.

After thrashing the couple, the angry mob also burnt their bodies in the same brick kiln where they used to work everyday. Pakistan has been following a zero tolerance towards minority religions and does not allow any other faith to question their faith or muslims to convert or question their doubts with Islam. Pakistan has also lined up draconian laws for blasphemy or conversions. The reason officials give is that the couple desecrated a copy of Holy Quran for which they do not have any evidence.

There has also been a history of protection given to these angry mobs and individuals who attack and bruitally murder minorities. Even leaders who call for secularism and tolerance are put to death. Ex Punjab governor, Salman Taseer was shot dead by his own bodyguard in 2011 while the federal minister for minority, Shahbaz Bhatti killed the same year. Mumtaz Qadri who murdered Taseer is now living comfortably in a special cell at Rawalpindi and no prosecutor or lawyer deals with this case.